For the opening of the anniversary edition of the Martovski Festival, we prepared Film novosti newsreels from the early 1960s, showing the times when the Festival moved from Pula to the Belgrade Union Hall. There are also newsreels from the 1970s, the period of the Festival's prime. In the newsreels, we will see, among other things, the pioneer of cinema in the region, Milton Manaki, as a guest of Belgrade and the Martovski Festival. We will also see the only Oscar for a Yugoslav film awarded to the short animated film Ersatz on display during the Martovski Festival. The newsreels recorded notable filmmakers who were part of the Martovski, such as Dušan Vukotić, Milenko Štrpac, Saša Petrović, Dušan Makavejev... This year's Festival is an opportunity to remember what Martovski meant to our cultural scene, and these newsreels, courtesy of Filmske novosti, are the best evidence of that heroic time of Yugoslav documentary and short film.


11/1960. 40 films compete for official awards. We see the festival winners Dušan Povh and Dušan Vukotić.

10/1961. 49 films shown in 5 days. Award-winners Stjepan Zaninović, Branko Ranitović, Milenko Štrbac and Branko Marjanović.

11/1962. Dušan Vukotić receives the award for Ersatz, and among the award-winners are Rudolf Sremec, Đorđe Jolić, Dušan Makavejev, Branko Ranitović...

11/1963. The pioneer of regional cinema, Milton Manaki, at the anniversary edition of the Festival...The Oscar for Ersatz on display.

13/1964. Award-winners: Stjepan Zaninović, Milenko Štrbac, Rudolf Sremec, Nikola Majdak, Puriša Đorđević...

10/1972. Fedor Hanžeković speaks on behalf of the Festival's organizing committee while the auteurs eagerly await the awards ceremony.

13/1977. A total of 140 films were shown. The Festival winner is Kole Manev from Skopje for Tulgesh.

Skriveno lice jugoslavenskog filma / 29.3. 17h

  1. / 93’

Serbia, USA


Written, directed and edited by

Dejan Vlaisavljević Nikt

Production company


Documentary about Jovan Jovanović (1940-2022), at the time of the re-release of the film Young and Healthy as a Rose (1971) at the 34th FEST, 2006 in Belgrade.

World premiere

Dejan Vlaisavljević Nikt

Born in 1967 in Belgrade. A student of Miroslav Bata Petrović and Jovan Joce Jovanović, he started working with films in 1982. Educated on classic Hollywood and classic avant-garde films, at the Yugoslav Film Archive and other world cinematheques. Involved in music and transmedia performance. Auteur of numerous alternative films, film scores, rock albums and comics. Lives in the USA.

Avanture karikature / 30.3. 19h

  1. / 76’

Serbia, North Macedonia


Written and directed by

Vera Vlajić

Drawings based on the original caricature

Miroslav Lj. Jelić, Vera Vlajić

Animation, Layout and Compositing

Miroslav Lj. Jelić


Jelena Đokić

Online Editing

Nenad Popović

Composer and Sound designer

Aleksandar Srebrić


Gorica Popović, Milan Caci Mihailović

Contributor to the narrators text

Radivoje Lale Bojičić

Produkcija / Produced by

Andrej Janevski

Production company

Movie Drum Beograd

Co-produced by

Cinema Futura Skopje, Ivan Unkovski

If we accept the interpretation that caricature is a funny description or drawing of a face or event and that adventure is a bold and risky venture, then the title of this film provides plenty of room for interpretation of why the Caricature Adventures. This film will connect historical events from the late 19th to early 21st century and interpretation of these events through caricature, giving particular importance to the figures who left their mark as auteurs and contributed to the significance of this art for Serbian culture, as well as the space that for over 70 years was the common cultural space of nations that lived in a country called Yugoslavia.

The widespread application and popularity of caricature has a foothold in its essence, which is to directly interpret specific ideas and situations through one or several drawings. Its social engagement in interpreting current events or conveying certain philosophical thoughts in a satirical, parodic, metaphorical, mocking way, always had the goal of making the audience laugh, whether it be the reader of daily newspapers, periodicals, or magazines specializing in cultivating laughter and humor.

World premiere

Vera Vlajić

Screenwriter, cartoonist, animator and film director. Got her BA in art history from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. Works professionally for "Zastava film" Belgrade, since 1975 as an animator. For "Dunav film" she made his first artistic animated film in 1975 and has been working for them for more than twenty years. From 1989 to 2004, she worked as an editor for the RTS-Televizija Beograd in several departments. From 2002-2003. she directed a TV serial, 15 episodes, Half a century of Serbian animated film. 1993. she started and led the workshop for an animated film for children and young people "RAF-A2, which is also successfully engaged in production. Artistic director of the Belgrade documentary and short film festival from 2003-2007. From 2008-2012, President of the Association of film artists of Serbia-UFUS. From 2012 until today realized projects in the production of Movie Drum Belgrade. Movies she made have participated in numerous film festivals in the country and abroad: Belgrade, Zagreb, Berlin, Annecy, Bilbao, Drama, Bilbao, Chicago, Istanbul, Cairo, Milan, Moscow, Los Angeles, St. Petersburg, Kerala, Vienna, Barcelona, Paris, Wiesbaden.

Nehru – Savski geto / 30.3. 21h

  1. / 69’ 10’’

Written, directed and produced by

Milan Todorović Tenera


Boško Šaranović Čaba, Zoran Rapajić Rapa, Aleksandar Simić Mosi, Aleksandar Antonović Sašinka, Zoran Stefanović Klindža, Miša Petrović Lezbejka

This is a film about neighbourhood (quarter) of New Belgrade, part of Blok 45, and about specific subculture of the area in 1970's and 1980's. Through memories of main actors about basket, music and football they present specifics of this unique area, called SAVSKY GHETO (from Sava, nearby river). There are some shots of Super 8mm recordings from 1990 when important basket tournament took place in the centre of neighbourhood with many todays actor participating in wild event prior to war.

World premiere

Milan Todorović

Writer and director of documentary films. He wrote four large screen movie scripts in English (London Rasputin, A Legionnaire From Soho, Dead or Alive, Letters From Jenny) and directed three documentary movies (Serbian Samurai on Two Wheels, Spale From Zvezdara – Born Among Engines, Nehru – Savsky Gheto). Former businessman and publisher, long distance motorcycle rider.



Na 70. Martovskom festivalu predstavlja se SRPSKI ANIMIRANI FILM 5 zajedno sa prva četiri dela retrospektive srpske animacije, obuhvatajući period od 74 godine – od najstarijih pronađenih animiranih materijala u Srbiji, pa do kraja 20. veka. Svi filmovi su iz Arhiva Jugoslovenske kinoteke i većina je prenesena sa 35 mm filmske trake. Zahvaljujući ljubaznosti upravnika Arhiva Aleksandra Erdeljanovića bio je omogućen pregled većeg broja filmova prilikom selekcije. Prva četiri izdanja bila su prezentovana na diskovima, koji su danas već tehnologija prošlosti. Uz dodatno restauriranje, svi izabrani filmovi iz produkcije 20. veka, smešteni su na jedan medijski nosač, USB disk, koji je prihvatljiviji za današnje korisnike. Ovo izdanje sadrži 68 filmova u ukupnom trajanju od 357 minuta, što je maratonski program od šest sati animacije.


Published by

Martovski Festival and Yugoslav Film Archives, under patronage of The City of Belgrada

Editors-in-Chief, film selection

Božidar Zečević, Rastko Ćirić

During the 90s, apart from Dunav Film which continues with the production of animation, the Bikić Studio marks this period with a continuous production of advertising movies and animated series for foreign producers. Besides advertisements, series, and credits, the Studio always gave its colleagues a chance to express their creativity and make their artistic films, which was not a common practice in other, big studios abroad. In the Bikić Studio, 38 author’s films of different artistic directions were made, winning some twenty awards only in the Belgrade Short Film Festival. Bikić Studio’s most ambitious project was Captain John Peoplefox which should have been the first Serbian feature animated film, but it remained unfinished and only in trailer. The Studio was closed in 1998 after Veljko Bikić’s death. In 1996 the Dunav Film founded the Dunav Film School, which lasted for 10 years, until Dunav film seized to exist in 2006, and in which several important Serbian animation names started their careers.

Rastko Ćirić


  1. BIG BENG / BIG BANG (Bikić studio, Beograd / Darko Perović / 1:55 / 1993.)
  3. L’GRAND GINJOL / L’GRAND GUIGNOL (Dunav film, Beograd / Nikola Majdak / 4:25 / 1993.)
  4. PRTKO / FARTY (Dunav film, Beograd / Rastko Ćirić / 3:05 / 1993.)
  5. VOLIM JE JA – VAMPIRI / I LOVE HER – VAMPIRI (FDU & Revision, Beograd / Dušan Varda i Dragan Nikolić / 1:25 / 1993.)
  6. MEMENTO MORI (Bikić studio, Beograd / Ranko Radovanović / 6:15 / 1994.)
  7. A­1 (Bikić studio, Beograd / Nedeljko Ubović / 2:00 / 1994.)
  8. RAJ / PARADISE (Bikić studio, Beograd / Nedeljko Ubović / 1:50 / 1994.)
  9. 100 GODINA JEDNOG VEKA / 100 YEARS OF THE CENTURY (Bikić studio, Beograd / Miroslav Lj. Jelić / 7:00 / 1995.)
  10. SVETLOST U A­DURU / LIGHT IN A­MAJOR (Avala film, Beograd / Rastko Ćirić/ 5:05 / 1995.)
  11. PONTIUS PILATUS SECUNDUS/ Jugoslavija film i Zastava film, Beograd / Nikola Majdak / 3:05 / 1995.
  12. Trejler KAPETAN DŽON PIPLFOKS / CAPTAIN JOHN PEOPPLEFOX trailer (Bikić studio, Beograd / 3:45 / 1996.)
  13. SIC TRANSIT GLORIA…/ Bikić studio, Beograd / Miroslav Lj. Jelić / 6:00 / 1997.
  15. PISMA ČITALACA / LETTERS TO THE EDITOR (Bikić studio, Beograd / Deana Šrajber / 8:55 / 1998.)
  16. PANDORINA MUZIČKA KUTIJA / PANDORA’S MUSIC BOX  (Shwoong & Bikić studio, Beograd / Autorska grupa Shwoong / 2:32 / 1999.)

Total 65:00

Srpska princeza Ana Jakšić i Ivan Grozni / 2.4. 17h

  1. / 44’ 22’’



Ranka Jakšić

Produced by

Biljana Dautović

Production company

Radio-televizija Srbije

Ana Jakšić was the grandmother of Ivan the Terrible, the first Russian Tsar. She was the one who brought up Ivan after his parents had died. Serbian Princess Ana Jakšić follows the life of Ana in 16th century Moscow and her influence on the Russian royal court of his grandson as well as the Russian-Serbian cultural relations.

Beogradska i festivalska premijera

Ranka Jakšić

Obtained her BA from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, at the Department of Italian Language and Literature. Worked as an editor in the Documentary Department of Radio and Television of Serbia, where she was professionally engaged for over 30 years. Auteur and editor of numerous documentary series, for which she won several awards at festivals.

Trnje i lovorike Olge Ilić / 2.4. 17h

  1. / 51’


Written and directed by

Jelena Stojanović

Production company


This exciting story follows the never-monotonous life of the all-time-greatest Balkan traveling actress, but today forgotten Olga Ilić. The native of Thessaloniki began and ended her career in Niš as a drama champion and director. An opera soprano, chanson and sevdalinka singer, she recorded over 25 gramophone records with the famous Cicvarići, played over a hundred roles and directed more than 15 plays. She is one of the greatest Serbian theater actresses and the founder of modern Serbian theater. After Sarah Bernard, in 1910, Olga made history as the first female Hamlet in the Balkans. Awarded with the Order of St. Sava 5th degree, she was loved and praised by the critics, poets, writers, academics, theater workers and Skadarlian bohemians of that time: Branislav Nušić, Bora Stanković, Vojislav Ilić, Žanka Stokić, Dobrica Milutinović, Jovan Tanić, Nikola Uzunović and others. Along with a series of funny but sad anecdotes that marked the career and life of Olga Ilić, the film is also interlaced with original music recordings, where we hear Olga's voice from records dating back more than 100 years.

Belgrade premiere

Jelena Stojanović

Rođena je u Majdanpeku 1980, živi i radi u Nišu. Diplomirani pravnik po obrazovanju i aktivni član udruženja FORUM ARTISTICUM, pre svog autorskog filma, uz ostale, pokrenula je i dva filmska festivala „Cherry’s Film Festival“ – Međunarodni festival filmskih škola 2014. i „Vrmdža fest“, internacionalni festival turističkog i ekološkog dokumentarnog filma 2017. Asistent režije i narator u više puta nagrađivanom dokumentarnom filmu „Kraljevski top – istorija srpske krune“, 2017. Asistent režije u dokumentarnom filmu „Nedelja pacova – savezničko bombardovanje Leskovca 1944“, 2018. U svom umetničkom ateljeu „Kreativni studio ARTiJA“od 2017. uspešno se bavi i produkcijom u raznim vidovima vizuelne umetnosti.

Ministar, ban, Perikle / 2.4. 17h

  1. / 34’


Original Idea

dr Predrag Jelenković

Written and directed by

Goran Stanković


Velibor Petković

Production company

Media i reform centar Niš, uz tehničku podršku „South media“, Niš

The film about the little-known life and times of former Minister Svetislav Tisa Milosavljević. As one of the best high school students in Niš, he planned to study technology and become an engineer, but due to family hardship, he opted for military service and later came to love the army life. During the Balkans and the First World War, he established himself as the authority on military traffic issues, coupled with promotions that by the end of 1925 would bring him the rank of brigadier general. Thanks to his repeatedly confirmed expertise and zeal, King Alexander chose him as Minister of Transport in December 1926. In October 1929, the Yugoslav monarch appointed Milosavljević as a deputy in one of the nine newly formed banovinas - Vrbaska Banovina. For his impeccable work, he gained the trust, and on April 18, 1934, he was elected for the second time to the head of the traffic department in the new Yugoslav Government. In 1935, Svetislav Tisa Milosavljević retired as Minister of Transport. He spent the Second World War in the occupied capital writing his memoirs. The first ban of the Vrba Banovina died peacefully surrounded by family on July 28, 1960, in Belgrade.

Belgrade premiere

Goran Stanković

Rođen 1974. godine. Dugogodišnji novinar (TV5 Niš, TV Kopernikus, RTS…). Autor više desetina dokumentarnih filmova, velikog broja reportaža i brojnih TV emisija. Među njima su, iz oblasti istorije, kulture i umetnosti: dokumentarno-igrani film „Dragutin…Nathaliae“ (2021, reditelj i scenarista), dokumentarni film „Prijateljska vatra“ (2019, novinar-saradnik), dokumentarni film „Uloga žena u Velikom ratu“ (reditelj i scenarista), dokumentarni film „Mali i veliki ljudi u Velikom ratu“ (2018, reditelj i scenarista), dokumentarni serijal „Putevima srpske vojske u Velikom ratu“ (2014-15, reditelj i scenarista).